2020 summer MTB clothing

When we started cooperating with Spiuk some years ago this Spanish clothing brand was mostly orientated to road cycling and Cross Country disciplines. People around us thought we were crazy. We didn’t care!


We believed in their potential, we knew that even they were doing some very nice clothes for enduro and allmountain disciplines these were going unnoticed. Some other products needed an update to suit the requirements of modern Trail and Enduro mountain bikers, that’s true. Things are changing and today we are glad to show you their latest summer MTB clothing.

Summer MTB clothing – XP All Terrain gloves and Anatomic MTB jersey

Earlier this year we received a call from Spiuk.


– Hey! How are you doing? We have some new products to show you!


Every time we have a call from Spiuk it’s been good news. As it was this time. The new products they wanted to show us were the new Spiuk XP All Terrain mountain bike gloves and the Anatomic MTB jersey. Love at first glance!!


At that time, we were on vacation and our friend Anton Karson was about to come to ride with us in the Pyrenees. It was the perfect moment to test the new summer MTB clothing.

summer mountain bike gear

XP All Terrain mountain bike gloves

The palm of the Spiuk XP All Terrain MTB gloves is built in a thin layer without sponges. The feeling on the handlebar is superb, easily the best MTB gloves we have had.

Spiuk Anatomic summer mountain bike jersey

The side of the Anatomic MTB jersey is built in an extremely breathable material, making you stay fresh even on the warmest days.
This time if you want to know more details about the All-Terrain MTB gloves and the Anatomic Jersey you will need to get them. The only thing more we are going to say is: This is the summer MTB gear we wanted! Thanks a lot!

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