Custom Spiuk MTB Jersey

We received our custom mountain bike jerseys from Spiuk some days ago and we can’t be happier!


We went for a ride as soon as we got the jerseys, to test and take some pictures with them. Here are the pictures and the first impressions of our custom enduro MTB jerseys!

Custom Spiuk MTB jerseys

We started cooperating with Spiuk some years ago, choosing the locations and being part of the photo sessions for their MTB gear catalogues. Last year, we started to wear and test their mountain bike equipment and we also did some custom short sleeve Enduro MTB shirts. This year we have decided to do some long sleeve MTB jerseys and, here they are!!


Although the weather hasn’t been the best on the past few days, we couldn’t resist going out to try them. Here you can see some pictures of them and read our first impressions.


We have found the long sleeve Spiuk MTB jerseys to be very comfortable. The fabric is very elastic and has a high breathability. We also like the shape of this mountain bike jersey. Some custom enduro MTB jerseys are usually to wide. It is not the case here! The shape of the Spiuk mountain bike jersey is very balanced. The pattern narrows from chest to bottom and fits perfectly!


Another detail that we like is the end part of the sleeve. The wrist part of the Spiuk jersey, is made on a harder and even more elastic material than the rest of the cloth. This makes it fit perfectly and the shirt doesn’t move when riding.


We also like the neck of our Spiuk custom jersey. It is very comfortable, in our opinion it gives a cool touch and makes the shirt not bother.


As for the design we have decided to keep them simple with the body part in a beautiful emerald green and black sleeves. We have also added a grey stripe on the side of the jersey. We think that the result is a cheerful and modern design that matches with the philosophy of Basque by Bike. We love how they look in the pictures and, they also match with the Spiuk gloves and the rest of our equipment.


The drawing in the low part has been made by our friend of Llama Viva Print. It is a representation of the most emblematic mountains around us, like Aiako Harria or Larun. These mountains end by the sea where the Higuer lighthouse is located, in Hondarribia, home of our Basque Country mountain bike holiday.

These have been our first impressions but, what do you think? We hope you like them as much as we do!


 Would you like to make some custom Spiuk jerseys with your own design? Check the link below!

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