Las mejores rutas BTT en el País Vasco!

Vacaciones y rutas mountain bike en el País Vasco

¿Estas planeando tu próximo viaje o salida BTT? Bienvenido a Basque by Bike: descubre con nosotros las mejores rutas mountain bike del País Vasco


Si estas buscando paisajes alucinantes, senderos increíbles y la mejor gastronomía, estás en el lugar adecuado!

¡Ven a pedalear al País Vasco con Basque by Bike!

Vacaciones BTT en el País Vasco
Un apasionante viaje en el que pedaleamos por las mejores rutas de enduro del País Vasco
Campamento MTB Enduro
Mejora tu habilidad de una forma dinámica y divertida
Rutas guiadas 1 día
Rutas guiadas BTT de un día en San Sebastian y alrededores
Trans Pirenaica BTT
Aventura all-mountain por etapas desde Pirineos hasta la costa Vasca

¿Qué es Basque By Bike?

Ofrecemos rutas BTT y viajes en mountain bike en el País Vasco. Excursiones BTT en San Sebastián y alrededores. Además, también organizamos camps de entrenamiento enduro MTB en el País Vasco y Pirineos.


Ofrecemos un servicio personalizado y de gran calidad. En Basque by Bike, siempre pedaleamos en grupos reducidos con expertos guías locales.


Somos especialistas en excursiones all-mountain y rutas enduro MTB asistido. Y, siempre estamos abiertos y con ganas de adaptarnos a vuestros deseos.

  • MTB Spain Holidays

    “Fantastic Basque Biking Experience – WOW! 

    Christian W, New Jersey, USA – September 2016

    We had chosed Spain and the Basque area this year and we were referred to Benãt for custom guide services. We have to say that there is no way we could have managed anything like Benãt and his brother Marcel arranged for us.

  • Mountain-bike-tours-in-Basque-Country“best freeride experience!”

    Jonas Metz, Münich, Germany – June 2017

    it was just me and the two brothers, so marcel was riding with me, ben did the shuttle service. marcel checked my riding technique, proposed different options of trails (flow, technical, landscape etc.). Freeriding at ist best, combined with culture and fantastic landscape. No downsides, strongest recommendation!!

  • “Wow…the perfect MTB day out ”

    Jason, Wimbledon, UK – October 2016

    Benat and the team delivered a seamless, interesting, challenging day out, with a mix of single track and broad trails, by the sea, up on the mountain, through the woods. The bikes were brand new…I had a to die for orbero 2017 model worth £6k. Amazing!! If you like mountain biking and are heading to San Seb, do this tour. You won’t regret it!!

  • mountain-biking-tours-near-biarritz-and-saint-jean-de-luz“A fantastic week of riding, eating and learning. Highly recommended”

    IggyJay, Camberra, Australia – December 2016

    It was a fabulous week – a highlight of my travels. Each day’s ride was different, and all were great – some single track, some remote village trails, some tracks shared with goats, some high above the sea. Benat was an excellent leader of the rides, looking after our enjoyment and our safety. Thank you Benat and Martxel for a great experience.

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