Mountain biking in the high Pyrenees

Las year we started a cooperation with Spiuk and as soon as we got our equipment for the 2019 season, we went to test it out.


In this article you can see some photos and a video that we have done with images we took during that test ride on the high Pyrenees mountains.

Mountain biking in the high Pyrenees

It was the end of November and the first snowflakes had already covered the highest peaks of the Pyrenees.


But we were still on time! We loaded our van and went to test our new cloths and also to explore new trails to include in our future TransPyrenees MTB holidays.


In this video we show you the images we took on that little moutain bike trip in the high Pyrenees. In it we enter one of the wildest parts of the Pyrenees in search of the solitude and tranquility only found on the trails of the highest mountains.
You can also see some more pictures and read the article we wrote about this same ride on Spiuk’s website!

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