Enduro MTB holiday video

Enduro MTB camp and holidays – 2017 video

We have a new video to show you! A compilation of clips taken during a Enduro MTB camp on 2017 and some other filming sessions on the trails we usually ride during our Basque Country MTB holiday.


Hope you like it!

The Swedish enduro MTB crew

We filmed this mountain bike video on the Bidasoa valley in Navarra, a place where we often go to ride during our MTB holidays.


The riders on this clip are Zakarias Johansen, Anton Karlsson, Oskar Grannas, Martxel Oronoz and Beñat Oronoz.


Zakarias, Anton and Oscar have been regular riders on the annually enduro MTB camp organised by Racing bike Sweden. They came to train for the enduro MTB racing season on the last two years and in this video the talented Swedish riders show us their skills.


Zakarias Johansen, was at the Ibis Cycles enduro team last year and he achieved great results in the Enduro World Series, now he is racing at the Cube Action Team. We are sure he will also be on the top ten at the Enduro World Series races in 2018.


Oskar Grannas and Anton Karlsson, are also top enduro racers in Sweden, they are racing for the Racing bike Sweden Orbea team, and we will see them racing at the Enduro Sweden Series this year.

Our friend Julen Urtxegi has been behind the lens and he has also edited this MTB video. Thanks Julen!

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