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MTB Sightseeing in Basque Country
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Basque Country mountain bike holidays
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Mountain bike in Basque Country
Our “MTB Tours a la carte” service is aimed for those riders who demand a totally personalized service. We totally adapt our service to the requirements and desires of your group and we don’t follow a pre established planning. Moreover, in this service we don’t merge people from different groups in one, it’s only for your group.


We offer our services in two different ways:


•  Option 1: Vehicle + guide

It’s cheaper than the second option and allows doing circular routes (routes that start and end in the same point) for XC and Enduro modalities.


 Option 2: Vehicle + 2 guides

We have an extra employee that provides us an assistance service during the route. This allows to offer routes with different starting and ending points. In this way, we are also able to offer the service for DH modality and uplifted Enduro routes, where part of the climbs are done with the vehicle, allowing to do longer routes with more downhill.


In our service it’s included the guiding, the transfers and an insurance. The price varies significantly depending the days and the number of people you book for. The accommodation and the meals are not included in the price.

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The riders who don’t bring their bikes and/or want to ride with top quality bikes would have the occasion to hire them at 70€/day.


We recommend the wonderful Casa Rural Haritzpe for your accommodation. This lovely hamlet located at hills of Jaizkibel offers luxury bedrooms in an unparalleled environment. Besides, they have especial deals for the people who ride with us.


Internationally recognized, gastronomy is definitely an essential part of our culture. In this experience you could enjoy it in different ways.

Cider Menu25-30 aprox
Day Menu10-20 aprox
"Pintxos"1,5-3 aprox
To book our service you would have to fill in the booking form below. Once the booking form is filled in we will contact you by mail as soon as possible.
Booking Form
We will be glad to help you with the booking of the accommodation without any additional cost. We recommend Casa Rural Haritzpe for your accommodation because we think is the best option. You could rest in luxury bedrooms in an unparalleled environment. Furthermore, we manage the bookings and we are able to check the availability in real time. Anyway, there are many high quality accommodation options in Hondarribia and we will willingly help you with the booking of the accommodation in any other place.

* (If you decide to accommodate in Casa Rural Haritzpe once we check the availability we will ask you for a deposit to confirm the reservation. Once de deposit is confirmed the reservation of the holiday will be completely done).

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After receiving our confirmation we pray you to organize the travel (book the flight, etc…) as soon as possible, for, if necessary adapt your holiday to the travel.

There are many options to arrive to Hondarribia. We recommend the plane for those who can’t come by car. It is also possible to arrive by train, by bus or by ferry. We have a picking up service for the people who arrives to the airports of Biarritz and Hondarribia, the train station of Hendaye and the bus station of San Sebastian.


You could find more information about how to arrive to Hondarribia in the section:

• DISCOVER the wonderful landscapes of the Basque Country

RIDE through routes adapted to your group

TASTE the fabulous gastronomy of the Basque Country

ENJOY with a totally personalized attention