Spiuk mountain bike gear review

Although most of the mountain bikers might think that Spiuk is a brand only for road cyclists, in Basque by Bike we have already been cooperating and wearing their enduro MTB cloths for couple years and we can’t be happy enough to recommend them. In this article we talk about our favourite garments, the ones that we use the most and are always with us, no matter where we go riding. This post is for those who are looking for a quality enduro MTB gear and still think that Spiuk is a road cyclist only brand!

¡We couldn’t hold it anymore! ¡We needed to show you our MTB equipment!

Our favourite mountain bike gear

We received the Spiuk equipment for the 2019 MTB season by the end of last winter. Unpacking all this material is an incredible moment due to the excitement of having a new equipment. And also, because we will be relaying on this gear to face the most adverse and changing conditions during the four seasons of the year. It is our uniform!


As soon as we opened and checked our new Spiuk MTB gear we were shocked with the quality. We have tested it out in all kind of conditions during winter, spring and summer and now we have decided to write this article and recommend our favourite cloths.

Spiuk Xenda MTB helmet

Xenda is the Spiuk MTB helmet thought for the riders seeking speed and adrenaline. It has been designed for the all-mountain and enduro disciplines, and totally meets the requirements asked to a mountain bike helmet with these characteristics.


Compared to a standard mountain bike helmet, the shell of the Xenda is more robust, the visor provides sun protection and also has a beautiful look. The Xenda MTB helmet is incredibly comfortable and adjustable. The back adjustment, with three vertical positions, helps the helmet to perfectly stick into the head leaving little job for the lateral straps. But, the best of this MTB helmet is that it is so comfortable that it is easy to forget that you are wearing it. We have forgotten to take it off at the end of the day many times this year.

Spiuk Jifter Lumiris sunglasses

The Jifter Lumiris sunglasses are our choice to protect our eyes and ensure a perfect vision of the terrain we ride through. The Jifter’s mount is perfect for enduro mountain biking. This sun glasses are well ventilated, they are light and very comfortable.


The Spiuk Jifter Lumiris sunglasses include two different lenses, a Cat.3 lens and a photochromatic lens. The standard gasoline colour lens works very well, especially in sunny open places. But, the photochromatic lens is clearly our favourite. This lens adapts quickly to light conditions changes and provides a perfect vision even when riding through dark forest sections. Believe us, the photochromatic lens really makes the difference!


We received the Spiuk Keeper vest as an “urban” product, that is to say, to bundle up while having some post ride beers. This vest combines sport specific characteristics with style and comfort. That is why we have been regularly using it a lot during our rides.


The Primaloft front padding, the eVent membrane and the breathable back side are the perfect combination to stay dry and warm in cold days. The front part isolates the chest from the wind and the rear part is perfect for evacuating the humidity generated by sweat. Not having sleeves also helps in cooling the arms. The Keeper vest is definitely a perfect article to ride and also to go out with friends on a Saturday.

Spiuk Elite Pro Jacket

The Spiuk Elite Pro Jacket is our secret weapon for the cold and rainy days. This MTB jacket incorporates an eVent membrane with 30.000mm waterproof rate, a waterproof YKK zipper, thermosealed seams and many other features that make it incredibly breathable. The combination of performance and attention that Spiuk has placed in the details of this jacket are unbeatable. The Elite Pro Jacket is always with us on rainy days, it is our wild card to bad weather.

Custom Enduro MTB jersey

As we already wrote in a previous article in our blog, the custom Spiuk MTB jersey is very elastic and breathable. We also love its shape; it has been designed to perfectly fit the body and not to bother when riding. Being able to choose your own design it is also a plus. You can check the link of the article we wrote about this custom MTB jersey if you want to know more.

Spiuk Gravel gloves

The Spiuk Gravel gloves were our choice for our Enduro MTB equipment. Although Spiuk places them on the “gravel” discipline we think that these gloves are perfect for practising Enduro MTB. They are light, simple and effective. The thin fabric of the palm allows having a precise and comfortable feeling when holding the handlebar. The padded areas provide extra protection in the most vulnerable areas of the palm, but are not excessively bulky and don’t influence on the grip. The tips of the middle, ring and thumb fingers are lined with a rubber additive. This additive helps the fingers not to slip when actioning the gears and it is also key to be able to use the phone while wearing the gloves. The tip of the index finger is covered with leather, like this, the finger doesn’t slide when braking and also lasts better to the friction.

Spiuk Urban mountain bike shorts

The Spiuk Urban short has been designed for the All mountain and Enduro disciplines. It is very light and comfortable because of its elasticity. At first glance the Urban MTB short seems to be too thin and weak but we have been using it on a daily basis and we can guarantee it is not like that at all. We love the pattern and the design of this mountain biking short. It is not too long and this makes it very comfy when pedalling. A removable inner bib with a pad ideal for long routes is included with the Spiuk MTB short. This short doesn’t have a lot of pockets but the ones it has are well located and are useful.

Spiuk anatomic MTB bibs

Before starting to cooperate with SPIUK we never thought in using pirate bibs. Now, we are in love with the Spiuk pirate bibs. We have been very pleasantly surprised and the Spiuk Anatomic pirate bibs have become one of the most used items of our mountain bike equipement. On cold days this MTB bibs provide extra heat and on slightly warmer days an extra freshness. They are unquestionably very useful when the temperature is only cold during the morning and the evening.


This Spiuk bibs incorporate a layer made of ceramic micro crystals that prevent the knees from the abrasion and protect the cyclist from scratches. We find this feature very handy for those riders that like riding without kneepads. Furthermore, the Anatomic Pirate bibs are also ideal to wear with kneepads. They avoid sweat from the body to reach the kneepads. The ErgodryWarm fabric provides optimum corporal temperature regulation in winter and spring conditions. The fitting of the Pirate bibs is perfect thanks to the design pattern, the thin seams, the braces and the inside rubber ends that prevent the bibs from moving.  

Spiuk mountain bike gear review

Are you looking for a quality MTB equipment and you still think that Spiuk is a road cycling apparel brand only? Get in touch with us if you have any questions about the clothes in this article. We will be pleased in helping you out!

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