2020 MTB season in pictures

2020 MTB season in pictures

2020 it’s been a difficult year. It is obvious that we won’t remember it as one of the best ones. But, despite all the bad we have manged to do some things.


This is a little summary of our 2020 MTB season.

MTB photo shooting basque coast

2020 MTB season in pictures

The first news about the Coronavirus caught us by surprise in the Pyrenees. We were showing some spots to our friend Anton from Sweden and doing some pictures to advertise some new Spiuk MTB gear.


At this point it was impossible to imagine how quickly the situation was going to change.

A call from the Swedish embassy put us on alert. There were some rumours about the possibility of Spain going to close the borders soon. Anton needed to go back home.


The next day, the Spanish government made the official announcement. From here on the rest is already known…Spain went into lock down, borders got closed and we stayed 3 months at home.

Back to work with a big smile

After that much time at home, the desired day finally arrived. Time to get back on the bike again!


We had some shootings programmed for the 2021 Spiuk winter collection. These sessions were also the first time we rode our new Focus bikes. Wonderful! Getting back to work it’s never been so satisfying!

Focus bikes test in the Pyrenees

Focus Jam2 plus in action

Little by little all our new Focus bikes arrived. We were anxious to test them thoroughly. In July we went to the Pyrenees with some friends.


We spent some days testing our new Focus bikes in different trails and places.


We posted this article about it: Focus bikes test in the Pyrenees


Freedom MTB adventure on the Basque Coast

As a result of the months spent at home, this year more than ever we have been eager for any chance to go on adventure. We wanted to spend as much time as possible in the nature and taste the feeling of freedom again.


We took our bikes, dressed our cloths and we went in search of Freedom with our friends from Spiuk.

The hidden valleys tour

In 2020 we were going to start organising a new tour, “The Hidden Valleys Overnight Adventure”.


A singletrack traverse that will get you into the most remote places near the basque coast.


The only thing we needed to do before opening this tour to the public was trying it with our friends. An absolute blast!

Hidden Valleys MTB tour

Want to know more about this adventure?


Make sure you follow our social media accounts. We will let you know more about this soon!

2020 MTB Tours

Very few people could come to ride with us this year. But, as always, we have had a great time on the trails! Thanks to those few trips we have been able to keep our enthusiasm alive.


We are sure that rather sooner than later we will be back on track!


See you on 2021 with more and better adventures!

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