Focus bikes video

Focus bikes Ongi etorri

Focus bikes, welcome to the Basque by Bike family!


At the beginning of this year we started working with the German bike brand Focus. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic we couldn’t have our bikes as fast as we would like to but, here they are!

Focus bikes ongi etorri!

This year we have extended our rental bikes fleet. For the first time we have also included some electric mountain bikes.


The bikes that we have chosen to hire are the Focus Jam 6.8 for the allmountain routes. The Focus Sam 8.8 for the van lifted enduro rides. And, the Focus Jam2 6.8 for the electric mountain bike tours. All these Focus bikes are orientated to ride on the trails and this is why these are the ones that best suit to the tours that we organise.

Focus Thron and focus Jam2 electric mountain bikes

As soon as we got them, we went to test them out in our favourite mountain biking spots in the Pyrenees and the Basque coast.


We have done this little video to say welcome Focus bikes to the Basque by Bike family. Ongi etorri Focus! We hope you like it! We will tell you more soon!

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