hidden valleys MTB adventure

Hidden valleys overnight MTB adventure

The Hidden Valleys MTB tour is a two-day mountain bike adventure riding through remote mountains and valleys near the Basque coast.


We have been keeping it as a secret until now. It is time to show you more!


This is a trip to the unknown, a wink to the origins of mountain biking, a call for the adventure.

hidden valleys mtb traverse

Hidden Valleys overnight MTB adventure

This two-day long MTB traverse gets into the wildest and most unknown places around our place on the Basque Coast. To create it we have modified and joined two rides that we usually do in our Basque Country MTB holiday.


We have reduced the van lifts to spend as much time as possible riding in the mountains. In this tour we only do one van lift in the morning, to gain altitude at the beginning and spend the rest of the day on the bicycle.

Travesía BTT valles escondidos

With this MTB adventure we wanted to look back to the roots of mountain biking. Discovering remote places, admiring the natural environment and sharing unforgettable moments with the riding partners is what matters. ¡No rush and no stress!


Looking back to the origins of mountain biking but with the actual trends and standards always in mind. We have designed this tour for trail and enduro bikes, with different versions for normal and electric bikes.

Overnight mountain bike traverse

Everything was ready for some time and there was only one thing to do before opening the tour to the public. ¡To try it with some friends!


In summer 2020 we called some friends and went to try it out.  ¡Wonderful!


Now, everything is in place! We are ready and you can come to try this adventure by yourself!

Hidden Valleys MTB tour

This tour can be booked as part of our Basque Country MTB holiday or separately.


We will let you know more about this soon!

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