Focus mountain bikes test in the pyrenees

Focus bikes test Pyrenees

Testing the Focus Thron2, Focus Jam2 Plus and Focus Jam 6.8 Nine bikes in the Pyrenees. Three Friends, three different bikes and the same ride.


As soon as we got our new Focus bikes, we went to ride them in the Pyrenees. To test these three trail bikes we chose a beautiful route in the Aran Valley. This is a little photo story of that day

Focus bikes test in the Pyrenees

Testing the Focus trail bikes in the Pyrenees

In the morning the highest peaks were covered with low clouds and the mist was below the tree line.


A postcard of the typical Pyrenean scenery

Climbing with the Focus Jam2 Jam and Thron2 bikes

We accessed the valley via a sealed road first and then a gravel fire road after.


We gained some altitude and little by little we reached the clouds.

The silhouettes of the highest mountains started appear.


A true pleasure for our eyes.

Mountain biking through the clouds

Mountain biking with amazing views of the Pyrenees

Climbing with the Thron2 and Jam2 electric mountain bikes is a blast. Both bikes come equipped with the Bosh Performance CX motor and have four different power modes.


The Thron2 ebike has a steeper head tube angle and less suspension travel tan the Jam2. These characteristics make this bike a bit more efficient when climbing on wide fire roads and easy singletracks.

It is evident that climbing with the electric bikes can be much easier. But when bikes are used on the Eco mode the difference between riding an e-bike and a normal bike is not big at all.


The rider using the normal Jam bike didn’t fall behind much at all.  However, it needs to be pointed out that during this ride, the non-electric bike was ridden by the fittest rider in the group.

Focus bikes Jam 6.8 Nine trail bike

After the first climb we entered a beautiful forest by riding through an old mining track.


We gained some speed and rode fast through it. The three bikes flew along the flat singletracks. We had a great time in this section!

Mountain bike trail in the Pyrenees

Dream Singletrack

The quality of the trail was superb and the views were amazing. We arrived at the start of the first downhill by crossing some old mining tunnels.


That was something special!

Crossing a tunnel with a mountain bike

We were ready to start the downhill. A natural flowing singletrack with stunning views was awaiting us. The Focus Jam nine and the Focus Jam2 plus were in their element.


On paper, the Thron2 is not as good as the other bikes on technical descents. We were excited to see how this bike would perform.

Focus Thron2 bike on singletrack descent

Having fun with the Focus Thron2 e-bike

The Thron2 has been designed for adventures. With its 130mm suspension travel and the possibility of equipping the bike with saddlebags makes it especially attractive for long distance overnight adventures.


However, the Thron2 turned out to be a very versatile bike that allows for fun on downhill singletracks. But, when things get steep or techy the Focus Jam2 or the Focus Jam are, without doubt, a better option.

After the first downhill and short climb we arrived at this wonderful meadow full of yellow flowers.


It was the start of the second downhill and the Jam and Jam2 got back into action.

Focus Jam2 plus in action

Focus bikes Jam2 Plus e-bike in action

We found that it is also possible to wheelie an e-bike despite of the additional weight, the Focus Jam2 is a particularly manoeuvrable bike.


This bike can be fitted with 27’5 plus wheels or with 29” wheels. Having a 27’5inch wheel in the back and a 29” wheel in front is also possible. The Focus Jam2 6.8 plus, the one that we used, comes with 27’5 plus wheels back and front.

What could be better than finishing this amazing day riding down a natural pipe full of turns. The perfect terrain for the Focus Jam and Jam2 bikes.


Going downhill on flowy, turning trails is super fun with both bikes. ¡The Jam 6,8 nine excels! It is an agile bike with well-balanced geometry and a suspension system that works really well on downhills.

Focus Jam 6.8 nine trail bike

Thanks a lot, to Spiuk, Focus and especially to Marc and his team from ABP for taking care of the trails in the area!

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